Manufacturing relies on raw materials, but sourcing materials is time-consuming and challenging. With Van Horn, Metz & Co. you'll get the specialty raw materials you need to create innovative products that will help grow your business.

    At Van Horn, Metz & Co. we know you want to be a leader known for quality and innovation in your industry. In order to do that, you need the best raw materials.

    The problem is, finding new and innovative raw materials you need is a complex and time-consuming process, which adds to the pressure of dealing with deadlines, production, and profits.

    We believe you should have a reliable, knowledgeable source for specialty raw materials – a trusted partner. That's why we put together a team of highly trained technical sales managers to help you source the high-quality materials you need for your products. These aren't your typical "salespeople." Our specialists have direct experience in labs and manufacturing, along with engineering and science degrees. We vet all of our suppliers and are active members of NACD - committed to responsible distribution - so our customers know they are getting quality materials with every project.

    Here's How We Do It:

    Meet - Schedule an information call.

    Review - Gather technical data, forms, and review.

    Test - We'll send you a sample to evaluate.

    Talk to a specialist today. And in the meantime, request a sample. So you can stop spending time searching for raw materials and instead create innovative products your customers will love.