About Van Horn, Metz & Company

Van Horn, Metz was incorporated in 1950 as a result of a partnership between Harold Van Horn and Donald Metz, both of whom had worked closely in Government paint formulation during War World II. This provided the foundation upon which Van Horn, Metz has grown to become one of the leading specialty raw materials distributors in North America. At Van Horn, Metz we are committed to growing your business and promoting innovation by staying abreast of industry's standards, offering the latest technology and high-quality products, with superior customer service and convenient stocking locations!

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  • Vestanat HT 2500/100 > Aliphatic polyisocyanate (441LB Drum)_Details
  • KER 828 > Liquid epoxy resin (507.05LB Drum)_Details
  • Ti-Pure R 101 > Rutile titanium dioxide (2000LB Super Sack)_Details
  • Thorcoflame PE 68 > Halogenated flame retardant (55.115LB Bags)_Details
  • HL-200 > Hydrophilic fumed silica (22.04LB Bags)_Details
  • 20M2 Talc > Functional mineral (55LB Bags)_Details
  • Actafoam AZ 760A > Blowing / Foaming Agent (33 LB Bags)_Details
  • Epotec YD 515 > Modified Bis A (485LB Drum)_Details
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