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Van Horn, Metz was incorporated in 1950 as a result of a partnership between Harold Van Horn and Donald Metz, both of whom had worked closely in Government paint formulation during War World II. This provided the foundation upon which Van Horn, Metz has grown to become one of the leading specialty raw materials distributors in North America. At Van Horn, Metz we are committed to growing your business and promoting innovation by staying abreast of industry's standards, offering the latest technology and high-quality products, with superior customer service and convenient stocking locations!

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Formulators and buyers, listen up! VHM is introducing a new pigment library, a concise document, interactive and easy to navigate that includes our selection of organic, inorganic, carbon black, titanium dioxide, pearlescent, aluminum pigments and dyes!

Check out our INTRODUCTORY VIDEO HERE and if you would like to learn more, your sales representative will be happy to provide you with a copy!

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