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Pigment Red 177

Pigment Red 177

As a Cinic representative, Van Horn, Metz offers two grades of Pigment Red 177 under the Cinilex® Brand.

Cinilex Red SR3C (PR 177) is a transparent blue shade red pigment, which is a fantastic tinting partner of Cinilex DPP Red SR1C (PR 254) and Cinilex DPP Red SR2P (PR 254) in OEM and industrial paint applications. Cinilex Red SR3C is FDA compliant and suitable for food contact application. Good performance in polyolefin and PVC.

Cinilex Red SR4C (PR 177) is a highly transparent, bluish red pigment which offers our customers the possibility to produce cost effective industrial coatings of high transparency and saturation. In applications such as motorcycle paint, this transparency in conjunction with pearlescent/mica pigments creates a unique flamboyant shade with good overall performance properties.

Cinilex Red SR4C is FDA compliant and suitable for polyolefin non-warping, food packaging applications and PVC films.

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  Cinilex Red SR3C Cinilex Red SR4C
C.I. Number Pigment Red 177
C. I. No. 65300
CAS No. 4051-63-2
Chemical Class Anthraquinone
Physical Data
Density (g/cm3) 1.5 1.43
Specific Surface (m2/g) 90.0 113.5
Oil absorption (g/100g) 57.0 62.8
Hydrochloric acid resistance 5 5
Sodium hydroxide resistance 5 5
Applications • PVC
• Polyolefins
• Rubber and Printing Inks